ENDOC Practice for Endocrinology and Andrology

Erik-Blumenfeld-Platz 27A, 22587 Hamburg, Tel: 040 - 401 86612, Fax: 040 - 401 86629
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Contact person and responsible for content: Prof. Dr. Stephan Petersenn

Medical association:
Hamburg Medical Association,
Humboldtstr. 56, 22083 Hamburg, Tel.: 202299-0, Fax: 040 202299 400

Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians:
Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Hamburg (KVH)
Humboldtstr. 56, 22083 Hamburg
Phone: 22802-596

Professional regulations
Professional code of conduct:
Hamburg Chamber Act for the Health Professions:

Professional titles
The legal occupational title (physician), specialist title and academic titles were acquired in the Federal Republic of Germany. This applies to all doctors working in the practice.

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ENDOC Practice for Endocrinology and Andrology